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Building Roads, Bridges, Electrical Services, Sewerage, Harbours and Providing Management and Maintenance Services of these facilities on a Local Economic Development Model.
Building and Managing of Schools, Universities and Training Colleges and Managing these facilities. All Facilities will be supporting LOCAL ECONOMIC Development and this means training locals to run and maintain all facilities. We will also bring Mentorship Programmes to educate and train citizens in all of these areas.  
Providing Health Care Facilities including Clinics and Hospitals. Developing Healthcare Management Contracts, supplying Doctors, Nurses as well as Management and skills transfer in critical areas.
Providing Educational / Communication Products, Smart Phones for remote areas and or Computer running of Sun Energy. Installing Infrastructure, Hardware and Software to achieve communication objectives.
Initiating Primary Farming and Food Processing, including Forestry Projects. Proving farmers with technical expertise, training and agricultural manufacturing of local products for Local, Continental and International consumption.
Building of Houses, Apartment Flats, Cottages and Planning, Designing and Building thereof including Management thereafter.
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