Mboya and Associates (M&A) believes in the incremental and sustainable development of Africa where it really counts and where it could have the most positive impact. Development is defined as: "... a process that enables human beings to realize their potential, build self-confidence and lead lives of dignity and fulfillment. Development has to be an effort of, by and for the people. Development has to be people-centred; the improvement of the social and economic well being of the people. It is an endeavour that is based on self-reliance and is a self-directed process."
M&A has had an experience of over 10 years working on development programmes and projects in Africa. M&A has total commitment and dedication to the development of Africa by Africans. We have a proven ability to plan, design and implement sustainable development programmes and projects in Africa. Credibility, integrity and innovation in developing programmes and projects where it is most needed on the continent is what drives us. We believe in a sustainable development approach that is based on using mainly African resources.
Our Vision 
Our Goal 
Our Values 
We aspire to be the best regarded continental model that helps to explain human life in relationship to development in Africa. 
Our goal is to promote, assist and invest in the development agenda of Africa. 
Our core value reflects ubuntu, that is, the concern and care for others (people), "Umntu ngumntu ngabantu". In as far as possible development should confer on people, their welfare as well as nurturing, humaneness, selflessness and self-reliance. Such a value would embrace professionalism, quality, efficiency, honesty, dedication, commitment and integrity. 
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